Monday, July 11, 2011

Move One Logistics Completes Movement of War Dogs to Afghanistan

Specialists Perform Yet Again
Shipping News Feature

USA / GERMANY / DUBAI / AFGHANISTAN – We have reported before on the complexities faced by freight operators on the movement of supplies and logistics to the troubled nation of Afghanistan. However, despite the standard problems involved by any company involved in the region Move One Logistics have completed one of the most complex logistics operations’ with a load that potentially could have been the most troublesome – thirty-six military war dogs (MWD) for the U.S. Army.

The precious cargo of intensively trained and extremely valuable animals originated from Houston, Texas and was delivered to Dubai airport by partner firm IQ Global Solutions, in association with PetRelocation. Move One then took over and made delivery to the ultimate destination of Kandahar, Afghanistan. The arrival of the ’small army’ of MWDs was the biggest shipment of its kind that Dubai airport had ever seen and included special transportation cages, water and food supplies, weighed in at a little over 1,700 kilos.

Handling the cargo required an expert familiarity with the needs of these highly trained but also very vulnerable dogs, including full feeding, exercise, cleaning and care regimens for the duration of the trip. The dogs had to spend nearly 50 hours at Dubai airport, which required a great deal of commitment and ground staff to keep them fed and watered, not to mention entertained!

Yohannes Hailemariam of Move One’s Dubai office said that:

“It was a massive move for our Dubai office and Dubai airport as well. A crew of five were permanently committed to feeding, exercise and water top-up.”

“I knew immediately that these dogs weren’t your typical canines. Every one of them is specially trained in either search and rescue or to sniff out IEDs and other explosives, and each would join the front line in the war in Afghanistan,” said Matt Kincaid, Director of Client Relations at PetRelocation

“Given our experience in relocating family pets, we have the resources available to ensure that the animal’s welfare is treated as the primary concern. This shipment would be no exception, so we chose to fly with Lufthansa Airlines via Frankfurt, as their live animal program and Animal Lounge in Frankfurt make up one of the best pet travel programs in the world.

“To facilitate the Dubai transit, I worked closely with Yohannes Hailemariam of Move One Relocations. I worked with Yohannes to arrange three separate stations for each dog to pass through upon their arrival in Dubai. Station One consisted of having the dog cleared through customs, removed from his/her crate, and provided with food. Station Two entailed the exercising of each dog, while Station Three was for bathing the dogs.“

Despite the best planning things did not go completely to plan, with a problem at Dubai holding up the dogs at the airport for nearly fifty hours. However, both sets of staff were able to adapt to circumstance in order to ensure the dogs were well looked after.

“There was a delay in Dubai which prevented the dogs from departing as scheduled, so the dogs were kept in Dubai for an additional two days. Fortunately, due to our preparedness, each dog continued to rotate through the stations and was properly exercised and fed during the delay, “said Matt.

Once the problems were sorted out the MWD’s were flown to Kandahar by Move One to begin their new duties. The dogs were reported to have arrived “in the best health and shape of any of the previous shipments,” according to the U.S. military, despite a trip that would have exhausted most people.

As Move One’s Yohannes put it: “Houston, Frankfurt, Dubai and then Kandahar. Quite a trip, huh?”

(MWD with Handler)