Monday, February 1, 2010

Move One Expand Afghan Logistics Operations

New Kandahar Facility Now Open
Shipping News Feature

AFGHANISTAN – Move One, a global logistics and relocation specialist, has recently completed work on its new one million dollar support facility at Kandahar airbase. The development is the first in a series of new projects the company is undertaking in response to major new contracts that Move One has gained in support of the US military’s operations in the country.

The new Kandahar base consists of extra offices and sleeping quarters to support the company’s employees engaged in operations in the south of the country. The facility also enables Move One to hold freight in a secure location before onward shipment, with additional equipment to be installed to improve handling further.

Move One is also currently constructing new facilities at Camp Leatherneck, the US Marine Corps base in Helmand province, Southern Afghanistan. Move One says that the new development there will allow on-base, final mile delivery services in the camp and will complement the company’s existing aircraft and cargo handling services that are located at the British base at Camp Bastion.

Move One Logistics product manager Carl Corriveau said: ‘This will allow us to provide a complete service to our clients on the base, from loading and unloading shipments to delivering to their door step, where previously we could only deliver up to the camp gates.’

The new developments are in response to Move One’s growing role in the country, which has received a substantial boost due to the awarding of a massive contract to Fluor, whom Move One subcontract for.

Fluor has been awarded the contract to build and maintain up to 74 forward operating bases (FOBs) in northern Afghanistan as part of the expansion of American operations in Afghanistan, a contract worth an estimated $7.4 billion.

Move One, which has supported Fluor with water and power generation projects in Iraq and previously with surface and air transportation services in constructing four FOBs in the North and eight FOBs in the south of Afghanistan, state that: “This new contract represents a dramatic upscaling of our operations in Afghanistan and our largest contract to date.”

(pic: Move One’s new base in Kandahar. © Move One)