Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Most Versatile Freight Carrying Units Prompt Major Order from Pan-European Logistics Group

Multi Million Purchase of Intermodal Road and Rail Equipment
Shipping News Feature
UK – EUROPE – There are of course a plethora of ways to carry freight across the continent by land and sea with the ubiquitous shipping container dominating the market for ocean freight, whilst the short sea services of old rapidly switched from conventional vessels to feeder operations and road trailers transported on RoRo ferries. From the now rarely seen Kangarou road trailers, built specifically for the unaccompanied intermodal carriage by train via the rail tunnels throughout Western Europe, to the road trains essential for the Swiss trade to avoid contravening weight limits.

One particular type of cargo unit that has had periods of popularity over the years is the swap body in its various guises, and the latest order by pan-European logistics specialist P&O Ferrymasters, indicates how that company views the efficacy of such equipment in the future. The group has elected to make a 'multi-million investment' in 240 new swap body freight containers to further extend its pan-European intermodal logistics network as part of the company’s plan for growth.

These new 45’ units, the first of their kind in the company fleet, are certainly versatile, having curtainsides and the ability to be transported both by flatbed or skeletal road trailers or by rail, and are considered by P&O Ferrymasters as one of the most sustainable ways of carrying freight. The design of swap bodies minimises empty weight, thereby cutting fuel consumption and carbon emissions because there is less dead weight to carry.

The swap bodies have been purchased from Italian manufacturer Centro Costruzioni Furgonature Containers S.r.I. Customers expected to utilise the units are drawn from a wide variety of sectors including chemicals, steel, paper and packaging, automotive, retail and consumer goods and Wim Blomme, P&O Ferrymasters’ Intermodal Director, said:

“Our customers will benefit from the flexibility of these multi-purpose load units, with the swap bodies being deployed on our routes in Poland, Italy and Spain from this month. The major advantage of the swap bodies is that goods can be loaded and unloaded from the side and top. They are equipped with sliding curtains, a sliding roof and solid rear doors to allow easy access via the open side, top and rear.”