Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Rail Freight Woes as Australia Floods - Again

2011 Was a Year for Disaster
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – A freight train with a bulk cargo of iron ore was among the victims of Grant, a tropical cyclone and the latest in a series of memorable disasters that have plagued the region in 2011. The train was derailed apparently when the Edith River Bridge collapsed as it was crossing. The crew of two were rescued from the scene by helicopter and escaped relatively unharmed.

At least two other people had lucky escapes in the flood which caused the derailment, a couple were found clinging to a tree after their car was swept away according to local press reports. The incidents occurred at the Edith River Falls Crossing near Katherine around 200 miles South of Darwin and accident investigators are at the scene.

The start of the year saw Queensland’s devastating flooding continue whilst similar problems faced Nigeria plus the US and the horrendous disasters which ensued in Japan. Just last month our own Handy Shipping Guide staff in that country had to face the consequences of the inundation in Thailand which left a third of Bangkok under water. With residents and businesses still clearing the result of New Zealand’s earthquake problems in March this year 2011 will be one to forget for many of those who rely on a steady throughput of freight to survive.