Friday, November 6, 2009

More Industrial Relations Strife in Express Parcels Freight Circles

DHL Relations with Union has Shades Of Royal Mail Dispute
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Today a joint press release from the International Transport Workers' Federation and the UNI Global Union was issued stating that next week, the 9th to 13th November would see what they are calling “a world wide week of action” to drive home their claims that DHL, the international parcel carriers, are not abiding by agreements to conform to elements of social responsibility previously agreed with the workforce.

Ingo Marowsky, Head of the ITF’s Regional and Industrial Office, commented: “This campaign is about rights for all DHL workers, irrespective of whether they’re directly employed or a subcontractor. It is about ensuring that workers at DHL have a voice in how the company is run, wherever they happen to be working.

“We want workers to have their voice heard in DHL’s restructuring plans, and the way to achieve that is by DHL agreeing to cooperation and dialogue with workers’ representatives and trade unions in all countries where the company is active.”

Feelings are obviously running high and the actions envisaged vary from meetings with management to demonstrations at DHL sites. Action is intended by the union in numerous countries including Austria, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Panama, South Africa, Switzerland and Trinidad and Tobago.

“DHL workers around the world have helped make the company the global enterprise it is today. Their hard work must be recognised and management should treat every worker, regardless of nationality, with respect,” said UNI spokesman Neil Anderson, whose union claim to represent two and a half million postal sector workers.

“DHL cannot take a free ride in the countries where the laws or government turn a blind eye to poor pay, poor conditions and attacks on anyone who wants to be part of a trade union.”

In reply from DHL ‘s head office in Germany a spokesperson commented, "In March 2009, Deutsche Post DHL presented its new “Strategy 2015”. Part of the strategy is a new guiding principle based on the idea of "Respect and Results", which is designed to markedly increase the level of employee involvement and commitment.

 “Openness and responsibility are central to this end. We foster a culture of constructive debate – both between employees and executives, and between management and employee representatives. We already entered into a constructive dialogue with UNI and ITF on a global level, which will continue."