Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Crane Deliveries for European Ports as Shipping Picks Up

Liebherr Produce Hybrid Mobile Harbour/Offshore Design
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Materials handling manufacturers Liebherr have been busy again the month with the first delivery of one of the group’s cranes being installed in Tilbury in the UK, apparently due to a rise in shipping consignments, and specifications of a new design of mobile/offshore harbour crane, the first of which was delivered earlier this year. Also, one of the company’s executives is due to present at a major conference in an effort to highlight the avoidance of accidents.

Firstly Stefan Walter, Canadian and Australian Sales Manager for Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH is presenting at the Crane & Rigging Conference (CRC) Canada. The principal talking point will be a safety discussion highlighting the cost, both in human and commercial terms, which a fall from height can have on individuals and companies alike, plus the impact wind can have when working on or with cranes. The event is being held October 22-23 at the Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort, Edmonton, Alberta.

The newly designed crane from Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH is a combined offshore and mobile harbour model which can be used for two completely different types of application. A combination of skills from two separate parts of the Liebherr operation, was required to produce the unit, the first of which was installed this year in the Port of Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Named the TCC 14000-400 D Litronic®, the crane is used in the construction of oil platforms in the Black Sea.

As it is currently applied in Azerbaijan, the crane can be fixed on a floating installation (barge) and used as an offshore crane under offshore conditions. It then meets all necessary functions and safety requirements in order to be rated as an offshore crane according to the norm EN 13852-2. As an offshore crane it is able to lift heavy loads up to a maximum of 400 tonnes at an outreach of 21 metres; at an outreach of 70 metres the crane is still able to hoist 91 tonnes whilst the maximum under hook height of the crane is 68 metres.

Furthermore, thanks to its undercarriage the TCC 14000-400 D Litronic® can also operate onshore as a mobile harbour crane with high lifting capacities. For the undercarriage the drive technology of a Liebherr mobile harbour crane was combined with a newly designed steel fabrication. It consists of a central X-shaped structure to which four outriggers are mounted.

For travelling operation the base structure is fitted with 48 wheel sets as known from the conventional Liebherr mobile harbour crane. During crane operation the crane is propped up on support units situated at the end of the outriggers. The dimensions of the support base are 22 x 22 metres. Using a large number of wheel sets and accordingly large supporting pads the crane achieves equally low ground pressure values as a standard mobile harbour crane, not only while travelling but also during crane operation.

Liebherr says this unique crane is the ideal product for customers with demand for both heavy lift cargo handling in ports and floating solutions for typical offshore applications, like the construction of oil platforms or the installation of wind power stations in the sea.

Over in the UK, Forth Ports has had one of Liebherr’s LHM 550 mobile harbour crane’s installed at the Port of Tilbury in Essex and the unit will handle both bulk and container freight. With a lift capacity of 144 tonnes and boom length of 54 metres, the LHM 550 is the largest harbour mobile crane in use in the United Kingdom, weighing in at over 400 tonnes and standing 79 metres tall.

The crane was shipped from the manufacturing plant in Rostock on a chartered vessel and, following the four day voyage, simply driven off the ship under its own power to commence work on the berth. Last month, Associated British Ports (ABP) Newport took delivery of a LHM 180 mobile harbour crane and this followed a series of orders for other port equipment worldwide.

 Photo: The LHM 550 drives off the vessel at the Port of Tilbury