Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mongolian Air Charter Export Freight Needs to Stay Lively for EFIS

French Airport enjoys a Mooving Experience
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE - MONGOLIA – Some consignments need to be handled with a little more care than others and when EFIS Air, part of the ECS conglomerate group which features a host of air cargo industry stakeholders, were approached to handle a particularly delicate shipment, the freight compound at Châteauroux-Déols airport in France took on more of the look of a farmyard than a cargo transit terminal.

EFIS AIR had chartered a Boeing 747 freighter for the flight to Ulan Bator to ensure the 150 limousin and 30 montbéliarde cattle arrived safely at their destination. The cows are being used in a programme to establish the breeds in Mongolia On arrival at the airport, EFIS Air arranged for the cows to be carefully loaded into specially created shipping pens to ensure their safety during the flight. Alain Boussard, Managing Director of EFIS Air, commented:

“Moving livestock requires great care and attention to ensure the welfare of the animals and to meet all of the regulatory requirements. We were given responsibility for this flight because of our reputation for trust, expertise and commitment. To us, these qualities underpin everything we do in our daily jobs.”

Photo: Can You See What it is Yet? The cattle safely ensconced in their specially built crates.