Thursday, June 9, 2011

MOL Becomes First Shipping Company to Win DBJ Environment Rating

Receives Favourable Loan for Safety and Emissions Success
Shipping News Feature

JAPAN – Shipping line Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has become the first company in the ocean freight industry to win a “DBJ Environmental Ratings” from the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ). The company has received a loan from the DBJ for achieving the award’s highest possible rating.

In statement the DBJ said that MOL’s “forward-looking approaches to environmental consciousness” where of particular note and played a substantial part in the high rating.

The award is financially significant for MOL as it means that the loan they have received will have a lower interest rate than would otherwise be the case. The DBJ applies a three-tier interest rate system depending on companies’ environmental rating scores, giving extra impetus to applicants to improve on their environmental impact.

MOL’s own efforts in this field are development projects on the next-generation vessel concepts ISHIN I, II and III, which have pioneered design work for the future of the shipping industry as well as new innovations to improve on the lines current vessels efficiency.

In addition MOL’s emphasis on safe operation, such as the establishment of their Safety Operation Supporting Center which monitors all operated vessels on a round-the-clock basis, was also praised.

(pic: Right: Mr. Kenichiro Hirata, Managing Executive Officer, DBJ. Left: Mr. Shugo Aoto, Managing Executive Officer, MOL)