Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Milford Haven Pilot Strike Called Off

Management and Unions Agree to 28 Days for Further Discussions
Shipping News Feature

UK – The strike scheduled today by pilots at the port of Milford Haven, one of the UK’s largest gas and petroleum handling facilities, has been postponed after the management at the Milford Haven Port Authority (MPHA) and the Unite trade union last night agreed to continue to seek resolution to issues through talks.

In a statement the MPHA said that: “A break-through in negotiations follows several offers being tabled by Milford Haven Port Authority, who are committed to finding a resolution through reasoned discussion. Both parties have agreed an extension to the ballot deadline from tomorrow (23rd February) for a 28 day period, before the resumption of any industrial action.

“This 28 day period will be used for consultation. Unite will report to their members details of new offers tabled by Milford Haven Port Authority in order to seek their members’ responses. Similarly, MHPA management will report details of the negotiations to the Authority’s Board, including their continued wish to move to binding arbitration.

“It is hoped that the dispute can be fully resolved during this suspension period, and a mutual agreement reached.”

The harbour pilots had threatened to stage a 12-hour strike with an overtime ban and ‘work-to-rule’ over changes to their pension and retirement plans.

(pic: © MPHA)