Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Middle Eastern Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Relocates from Egypt

Cape Town will now take Responsibility for Vast Business Area
Shipping News Feature

DUBAI - EGYPT - SOUTH AFRICA - Dubai headquartered international freight forwarding and logistics group GAC has relocated its Regional Office for Africa, Russia and Central Asia from Cairo, Egypt, to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is the hub for many oil & gas customers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the relocation of the office better places the team to support this market. The volatile situation within the Middle Eastern country may of course have been a factor in the decision. Erland Ebbersten, Group Vice President for the Region, said:

“South Africa's modern infrastructure and well-developed financial, legal, transport, communication and energy sectors are factors which provided a strong motivation for the relocation. The Regional Office will assist the individual GAC companies' in the Region to implement their strategies.

“We are looking forward to tapping into South Africa's experienced and well-educated workforce to support our continued business development. This region is one of the world's most dynamic growth regions, with seven of the world's ten fastest-growing economies are found in sub-Saharan Africa."