Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mediterranean Shipping To Use Philadelphia

New World Wide Service for Port
Shipping News Feature

USA - Mediterranean Shipping Co. is to soon start using Philadelphia’s Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in its North American Service.

Mediterranean's North American president, Claudio Bozzo, said: “Our objective is to open a big bridge between Philadelphia and the world. We have decided to count on the fact that Philadelphia will grow, and we will be the ones that will make it happen.”

The news is good for the Port of Philadephia, which lost 20 percent of its container business when Hamburg Sud pulled out of the area in June. Total cargo for the port in the first half of the year is down 15 percent from 2008.

According to Robert C. Blackburn, the Port Authority's senior deputy executive director, the service shall be weekly, handling 52 ships a year.

“We're hoping they can get to a level of bringing 1,000 containers per call,” Blackburn said.

The Port Authority hopes that further traffic shall be encouraged because of Mediterranean’s Bahamas trans-shipping facility, which will allow the Pennsylvanian port greater access to world cargo and not just Europe tonnage.