Monday, September 14, 2009

Meachers Consolidate Their Logistics Operations

Hampshire Transport Group To Use Single Brand
Shipping News Feature

UK – Meachers Global Logistics will be the brand name in future for all operations formerly handled by disparate companies within the Meacher Group of companies. The move means that Oast Agencies, the integrated freight forwarding company which became part of Meachers twenty years ago, will now be absorbed together with Meachers Transport and Warehousing into the new format.

The rebranding is a logical move for the company as customers tend to use separate parts of the operation in combination. Meachers will now present a single profile to clients offering the full range of freight forwarding, transport and warehousing in a complete supply chain package.

Mr Gary Whittle, Meachers Commercial Director, commented, “This move will have the effect of unifying services and presenting ourselves as one organisation”