Thursday, May 3, 2012

Materials Handling Equipment No Longer Has To Be Brand New For Logistics Buyers

'Previously Enjoyed' Fork Trucks Are Now Acceptable
Shipping News Feature

UK – EUROPE - According to Neil Warren, the UK Used Equipment and Short Term Rental Director at Fork Truck manufacturer Jungheinrich the profile of the type of company that looks to the second hand market for its materials handling equipment has changed dramatically in recent years as the testing economic trading conditions have compelled all firms to seek to maximise value across their forklift fleets. He points out:

“Customers are now very open minded about buying used equipment, and there is little or no difference in the type of company that acquires new or used trucks. Historically, the biggest buyers of used materials handling equipment have been small to medium sized companies keen to increase or upgrade their truck fleets but with budgets that cannot quite stretch to new machinery, but more and more larger organisations are choosing to include used trucks in their overall fleets. Retailers and third party logistics service companies in particular are embracing mixed fleets of new and used machines and we are now supplying used truck fleets on long-term contract hire deals.”

Jungheinrich's second-hand equipment is marketed under the 'Ready To Go' brand and used Jungheinrich trucks are refurbished to the highest standards at the Group’s Dresden factory where every machine is completely dismantled and all worn or defective parts are replaced – including tyres and lift chains. The trucks are cleaned inside and out and repainted before being reassembled and safety tested. Neil Warren continues:

“Because we refurbish our trucks to such a high standard, the operating costs of a used Jungheinrich truck will be the same as a new model, which means that our fully refurbished trucks will give many years of efficient and productive service. Our aim is to help clients manage their forklift cost base effectively and if we can demonstrate that switching all or a percentage of the fleet to used trucks offers cost benefits without sacrificing productivity or safety, then most companies are more than happy to embrace ‘second life’ truck technology.”