Thursday, March 13, 2014

Material Handling Group Offer Incentive on Current Fork Truck Range

US Outlets Provide Extended Coverage for Linde 2014 Models
Shipping News Feature

US – When times are tough economically it’s up to suppliers to find ways to attract business, preferably without significantly increasing their overheads. Now fork lift truck manufacturer the Linde Material Handling-North America Corporation, part of the German Linde group, has announced a bonus for purchasers of some of its most popular models in the form of a free extended warranty package.

Now a standard feature on its 2014 Class I (electric counterbalanced rider), Class IV (internal combustion engine/cushion tire), and Class V (internal combustion engine/pneumatic tire) forklift models, the Linde Extended Care (LEC) warranty is valued by the company at between $3,000 and $6,000 per unit dependent on model.

The LEC Warranty applies for the remainder of 2014 and, apart from some restrictions which may apply will result in coverage for a range of key components such as engines, final, differential and hydrostatic drives, reduction gear boxes etc. Specific coverage for each model can be obtained from local Linde dealers or from the US head office in Summerville, South Carolina 843.875.8319