Thursday, September 24, 2009

Massachusetts to Invest in Rail Improvements

CSX line sale will improve both commuter and freight carriage
Shipping News Feature

USA – Rail freight operator CSX has agreed to sell the Commonwealth of Massachusetts several sections of rail line and other facilities it owns in the state, which will then be used to improve commuter traffic in the Greater Boston region.

Though a development of this sort would normally mean freight traffic would suffer, the new agreement will also see the state government play a major part in redeveloping these and other CSX lines which will actually enhance rail cargo throughout the state by enabling double-stacked containers to be carried.

Speaking at a breakfast for business leaders from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce yesterday, Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray (pictured) said: “The Governor and I have been dedicated to improving our freight and passenger rail system for the long-term health of our economy and our environment.”

CSX’s Chairman, Michael J. Ward, said: “This is a great development for the Commonwealth, its residents, its environment and its economy.”

“In addition to commuter service, the plan will give the Commonwealth a double-stack freight rail route that will help alleviate congestion on Massachusetts highways,” he added.

The new agreement will see the Commonwealth pay for the work necessary to raise the height of bridges that currently impede double-stack carriage.