Friday, October 2, 2015

Mars -The Logistics -A New Destination for Freight Forwarders, Shipping Companies and Tourists Alike

Planet Listed as Next Cargo Market - Break Out Those Drones!
Shipping News Feature

EARTH – MARS – ALL POINTS BEYOND – With the news this week that the Mars Tourist Board has joined ArrivalGuides as the latest destination wishing to attract millions of travellers to its rocky shores, it may well be time for go ahead freight forwarders and logistics groups to consider their long term plans regarding shipping cargo to the Galaxy’s latest tourist destination. Those flocks of visitors will require all manner of supplies! ArrivalGuides reveals that, wishing to develop itself as a family friendly destination with its water based attractions, the cold, jagged surfaces of the Red planet are also finding themselves a magnet for adventure enthusiasts, and has published a comprehensive, downloadable guide ‘Welcome to Mars’. Mr. Hydro Flipida, CEO of the Mars Tourist Board commented:

“We are targeting markets from all over the galaxy, regardless of colour, limb length, or number of heads, everyone is welcome. We currently have a new ski resort and attraction with restaurant being built on the top of Olympus Mons, which is 16 miles, or 24 kilometres, high. There will be something for everyone, even the 400 year olds who love the spa scene and want a bit of rejuvenation will love our new facilities.

“We always knew we had water, we just wanted to develop the destination a bit more before we started to welcome the Blue People from Kepler-22b and the GrunThangs from Tau Cetie. Our Red Planet has quite a bit of charm which everyone can now read about in the new ArrivalGuide. We joined ArrivalGuides as their distribution network is the best is the galaxy, with over 340 major travel brands that will now tell their millions of travellers about Mars.”

Doubtless the logistics support needed to accommodate such a radical new market will attract freight providers by the score, particularly as the planet provides a ‘clean sheet’ with regards to human rights (as there currently aren’t any humans) unlike some of the much heralded ‘new’ destinations such as Burma and Kazakhstan.

The plains and mountains of Mars might at last even prove to be a viable environment for those DHL and Amazon drones which provoked much mirth from old timers in the cargo delivery sector when they were heralded as the new big thing, as there are no teenagers with sling shots and air rifles to shoot them down (and no old ladies to hit in the head as they travel through the oxygen deprived air).

CEO of ArrivalGuides, Magnus Aideborn has been quick to point out the advantages of listing Mars as a travel destination and deserves credit for his speed on bringing a new planet into focus. He explained how his company’s systems would integrate with that of the Tourist Board saying:

“It works like this, just like the other 550 destinations in our destination network, Mars will upload their destination information into our system. This content will automatically update to our vast network of over 340 distribution partners, a network which includes OTAs, search engines, cruise companies, airlines, tour companies and travel operators. These distribution partners then implement this content into their platforms in all formats, including online, downloadable PDF, mobile apps, in-flight entertainment systems, booking confirmation e-mails and Smart TV apps, thus reaching unparalleled numbers of new customers who are interested in visiting Mars.”

ArrivalGuides distribution network includes partners such as AAA,, SAS, Aer Lingus, Expedia and over 340 other major, influential travel brands and unconfirmed reports say that talks with NASA and the European Space Agency are currently under way. Aviva Pearson, President of ArrivalGuides, and part Martian, said:

“With all the new, exciting plans for development and thrilling discoveries surrounding the presence of water, now is the best time to plan a trip to the Red Planet. Mars is a true nature-lover's paradise. With boundless adventures, Mars is a family friendly destination offering water and theme parks, sand-boarding and kayaking along with the special offers for relaxing or romantic getaways.”

About Mars Tourist Board: Over 2 Million years old, the Mars Tourist Board has been welcoming visitors from all over the galaxy with a warm, Red Planet Welcome. The CEO, Mr. Hydro Flipida, along with the Chairman, Mr. Scoogy Walla, has been instrumental in welcoming over 5 Gazillion people and plurples since their commencement. The tourist board has 3000 Visitor Information Centers, manned by 50 staff each, and holds the record for the most visitors doing the conga line up on Olympus Mons.

The ArrivalGuides ‘Welcome to Mars’ Guide has facts about the planet and useful links to other relevant space orientated websites.