Thursday, January 25, 2018

Maritime Conference and Exhibition Attracts Shipping Talent to Singapore

Fifteenth APM Event Scheduled for March
Shipping News Feature
SINGAPORE – Numerous stakeholders are expected to attend the forthcoming 15th Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) event, scheduled for 14 to 16 March 2018 at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. As well as being Southeast Asia’s most established maritime, workboat and offshore exhibition and conference, APM is aiming to enable visitors to network with a wide range of industry contacts. New this year is the series of six thematic networking sessions tailored to bring together shipping executives, international companies and buyers from Asia with similar interests to forge new partnerships.

The six themes offer a range of topics and are: Powering the way forward – next generation marine power; Best in class marine equipment and fitting; IMO 2020 vision: Preparing for the new global sulphur cap; Competing on a global playing field in terms of shipbuilding; The future of maritime shipping - transforming shipping industry with ICT and digitalisation; and Lubricant, coating and corrosion.

Over 40 leaders and experts from across the global maritime industry will lead pertinent discussions on the major trends and issues shaping the maritime, workboat and offshore industries, whilst sharing their insights and forecast to help players forge the way forward.

Talent, as ever, remains a critical success factor for the future of the maritime industry. To engage tomorrow’s maritime leaders and build talent, APM will hold a new Career & Skills Pavilion for professionals in the maritime industry seeking prospective career, networking, and training and development opportunities throughout the sector.

In addition to the inaugural APM Leaders’ Forum (14 March 2018), the three-day APM Conference will also cast the spotlight on the vessel market (15 March 2018), specifically the outlook for the tanker market, shifting trends in maritime finance and an in-depth look at Vietnam’s growing maritime industry. Day three (16 March 2018) will see industry leaders examine the maritime industry’s priorities in marine fuels, the latest hybrid technologies and offshore prospects.

The APM Conference will also play host to distinguished leaders from Vietnam’s maritime industry as they help industry players understand the development and potential of this emerging shipping hub in Southeast Asia. Strategically located along the major shipping route in the South China Sea, the country’s burgeoning oil industry with its own reserves, rigs and refineries provide a strong foundation for maritime activity. The extensive port infrastructure across its coastline is also well-poised to facilitate average annual export growth.

With climate change an ever-growing global concern, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced last October that it would implement a global cap on marine sulphur emissions in January 2020. Further restrictions on nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions will take place in January 2021, and longer-term carbon dioxide (CO2) marine emissions might also be curbed. One of the speakers, Dom LaVigne, Director of Government & Public Affairs – Asia Pacific/Middle East, Methanol Institute (MI), commented:

“The international shipping community faces a tough situation, as vessel owners and operators will need to retrofit their vessels or do new-builds by 2020 in order to meet the IMO’s requirements. However, they must also consider the longer-term NOx and CO2 restrictions, and which technology will help them achieve a long-term, economically-viable and environmentally-friendly marine footprint.”

Echoing Mr LaVigne’s sentiments for eco-friendly and energy efficient maritime equipment and technologies is Ms Xue Hua, Managing Director, Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd. who stated that hybrid technology and lithium battery technology in vehicle application are the recent talk of the town, and she foresees a shifting trend in the maritime sector towards the adoption of alternative or greener energy. Insights from 23 maritime leaders, including Ms Xue’s, on how the maritime landscape will change in 2018 has been compiled into the #onething2018 e-book that will be available at the APM Conference.

Other co-located partner conferences are Digital Ship’s Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum (15 March 2018) to tackle the omniscient cyber threat growing across all sectors. With increasing reliance on technology, cyber resilience becomes business-critical to protect operations, processes and data from attacks, damage or security breaches. The Intellectual Property (IP) Management and Enforcement in the Maritime Industry (16 March 2018) will debate on intellectual property (IP) issues in the maritime industry and strategies to protect against risks.

Other events organised for APM delegates to network include the inaugural APM Networking Golf event (13 March 2018) organised in partnership with Singapore Maritime Network (SMN), which brings together top leaders in the maritime community for both business and leisure connections and registration to APM 2018 is now open and available HERE.