Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MAN Use Axxom Software To Optimize Vehicle Delivery Network

Advanced Computer Modelling to be Applied to Truck Distribution
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY / EUROPE – Truck and commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN are to use a state-of-the-art software system to find potential improvements that could be made in their European distribution network.

MAN have teamed up with Munich-based software developer Axxom, who will use their ORion-PI Value Network Optimization system to identify where the auto giant can make savings in a system that sees tens of thousands of commercial vehicles delivered every year from its production sites in Munich, Salzgitter, Steyr, Vienna, Krakow and Posen.

Data on costs and transport flow will be modelled by Axxom to gain as accurate a picture of MAN’s logistic network as possible, which will then be broken down for assessment. Axxom will then create alternative, theoretical networks to test for potential improvements.

According to Axxom: “By modelling its network with ORion-PI®, MAN gains a better overview of the transport flows of its vehicles. Furthermore, analyzing different scenarios shall help the company to indentify improvement possibilities and to optimize the design of their delivery network.”

Axxom states that the process should make useful conclusions for improving MAN’s distribution throughout Europe and parts of the CIS.