Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Major UK Freight Handling Port Offers Competitors the Chance of a Louder Voice

ABP Arranges a Special Deal on Membership with Chamber of Commerce
Shipping News Feature

UK – Associated British Ports (ABP), as the leading British port operator with twenty one ports under its control which together handled 119 million tonnes of freight last year, has come up with a scheme it says will give ports a larger and more unified voice. ABP has teamed up with the British Chamber of Commerce to offer other port companies a year’s guest membership in one of the biggest business networks in the country.

ABP contributes £5.6 billion to the UK economy and supports over 84,000 jobs nationally. With a Chamber of Commerce membership, ABP says businesses will be able to expand their reach and influence in professional networks and grow their business support services. The British Chamber of Commerce offers members a multitude of services including lobbying at local and national levels, support for key business functions at a discounted rate and connection and networking opportunities for their business. James Cooper, ABP Chief Executive, said:

“We take our responsibility to contribute to the economic wellbeing of the region seriously. One of the best ways to do that is to support our customers to make the connections they need to become even more successful. By making their voice heard and taking part in the business life of the region, they will also have the chance to play a part in making our region a better place to do business. And that’s something we can all benefit from.”

There are nine local Chamber of Commerce branches involved in this scheme and each local Chamber of Commerce is run by and for their members offering a dedicated focus on improving conditions for local business members. John Longworth, Director General, British Chamber of Commerce observed:

“As an island nation, ports are vital to the UK economy and the businesses based there play a huge role in creating jobs and driving growth. This is why we are pleased to welcome these businesses into our Chamber Network. Being part of this network will provide these businesses with a strong voice and influence to ensure they are given the right business climate in order to thrive. The BCC and Chambers at a local level will be on hand to provide practical support, help them to make useful connections and tap into new markets.”

To request a brochure or for more information please call 01292 670144 or email and quote ‘ABP Guest Membership Offer’.

Photo: Left to Right - Tracey Howard, Norfolk Chamber, Babs Murphy, CEO, North and Western Lancashire Chamber, David Parlby , Former Chief Executive Plymouth Chamber, Rob Johnston, Chief Executive, Cumbria Chamber, Stuart Creswell, ABP , Ian Kelly, Chief Executive Hull & Humber Chamber, David Riches, Executive Director Commercial Services, BCC, James Cooper, Chief Executive, ABP, Ashleigh Seymour-Rutherford, Suffolk Chamber, Sarah Howard, President, Suffolk Chamber, Graham Morgan, Director, South Wales Chamber, Stuart Dunn, Chief Executive, Hampshire Chamber, Helen McBride, Ayrshire Chamber.