Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Major Shipping Event Pronounces Maritime Charity as its Chosen Partner for 2019

Fortieth Anniversary of Truly Nautical Medical Charity
Shipping News Feature
NORWAY – WORLDWIDE – Oslo in 2019 might seem a long way away when it comes to announcements, but already the Nor-Shipping event planned for 4 - 7 June of that year has started to get its act together with the announcement this week that Mercy Ships, the literally floating medical service, has been selected as its new charity partner. The global organisation, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, will receive financial support and promotion throughout Nor-Shipping's maritime and ocean industry network, supporting its vital work helping and healing those in need.

Nor-Shipping 2019, taking place across a series of venues in Lillestrøm and Oslo will help raise funds and awareness for Mercy Ship’s state-of-the-art Africa Mercy vessel. This, together with its three predecessors, has visited close to 600 ports since the charity formed, performing over 84,000 life-saving operations and assisting more than 2.5 million people. Recognising the vitally important work which Mercy Ships undertakes Nor-Shipping Director, Per Martin Tanggaard, explained:

“Mercy Ships is a lifesaver, it provides first-class medical facilities and expertise to communities that have limited, or sometimes zero, access to quality healthcare. Unfortunately people suffer every day from curable and treatable diseases, conditions and injuries in these locations, but Mercy Ships, and their qualified volunteers, address that situation every time they pull into port.

“I can’t think of a more worthy cause for Nor-Shipping, and the global business community we represent, to support. We’re looking forward to assisting them in any way we can, enabling them to keep reaching out to the men, women and especially children that need their specialist care the most.”

Mercy Ships will be promoted to the more than 30,000 delegates that attend Nor-Shipping’s unique programme of activities, as well as to the around 1000 exhibitors, from approximately 50 countries, that utilise its 21,000m2 exhibition complex in Lillestrøm. Funds will be raised from a series of to be confirmed activities. Roger Vassnes, National Director, Mercy Ships Norway, detailed why such funds are essential, saying:

Africa Mercy is the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship, providing excellent medical facilities, clean water, sterile equipment and reliable electricity for treating vulnerable communities and individuals. Our crew of 400 medical and maritime specialists are volunteers, but it nevertheless requires substantial funds to maintain, plan and perform future operations.

“We need the support of partners to continue our work, giving new life and hope to the world’s forgotten poor. We are also planning to adapt a new, even more advanced vessel to begin service in 2019, which is obviously a major commitment. Nor-Shipping’s assistance is therefore greatly appreciated, and we look forward to building a strong working relationship with them and the industry they represent and champion.”

Nor-Shipping, which offers visitors a range of maritime exhibitors from crane makers to shipyards, has a history of supporting established charities with connections to the shipping industry. In past years it has organised activities and raised funds for The Mission for Seafarers, and Mercy Ships has so far delivered medical services valued at over $1 billion since it set sail in 1978. Common operations performed on board Africa Mercy today include removing deadly facial tumours, treating twisted limbs and club feet, fixing cleft lips and palates, women’s health procedures, and restoring eyesight.