Friday, July 24, 2020

Major Logistics Group Takes Step to Improve its eCommerce Green Credentials

Sustainable Packaging Win for Company Down Under
Shipping News Feature

NEW ZEALAND – AUSTRALIA – UK – WORLDWIDE – With sustainability now regarded as one of the prime components within future supply chain resilience programmes customers are trying to be more environmentally responsible, and the green credentials of sellers are an increasingly important factor, particularly in online shoppers’ buying decisions.

Now the Better Packaging Company, a firm started in Australia and now headquartered in New Zealand, has had a big win for its line of products specifically aimed at replacing the ubiquitous single use plastics found in Global eCommerce fulfilment supply chains, a market which uses around 90 billion packages annually in a business worth US$3.4 trillion of purchases fed by more than two billion digital buyers.

Started by Rebecca Percasky and Kate Bezar after years of working with couriers and seeing the vast amounts of plastic packing materials used daily, Better Packaging now claims to be the world’s leading provider of Home Compostable packaging for eCommerce. The pair claim their products perform as well, or better, than current materials, with the bonus that the company’s comPOST Packs will break down in less than 180 days into completely non-toxic elements.

Now SEKO Logistics has agreed to switch to the environmentally friendly comPOST pack courier satchels and comPOLY garment bags, within their own eCommerce fulfillment operations. SEKO clients performing their own packing will also qualify for price discounts when they choose to source and/or custom brand Better Packaging products.

Initiated in Australia, SEKO Logistics is also offering the benefits of this partnership to customers in China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as in New Zealand. Kai Lincoln, Managing Director of SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics, Australia & New Zealand, said:

“SEKO is committed to improving the environment and giving our clients new solutions to support their own sustainability programs. We are delighted to be working with Better Packaging and see this as a partnership with a global ambition to make a real, positive difference. New consumer research shows that international shoppers want this too, because they are highly aware of their environmental impact and are choosing to buy from brands that offer sustainable packaging solutions.

”Ecommerce industry reports show that 48% of consumers want recyclable packaging. Packaging and logistics, especially eCommerce fulfillment, go hand-in-hand, and while we can’t eliminate packaging altogether, we can all take steps as businesses and consumers to improve the world we live in.”

SEKO, which manages over five million global eCommerce shipments a month, expects immediate interest in Better Packaging’s sustainable products from fashion and health and beauty brands and Rebecca Percasky and Kate Bezar commented:

“The Better Packaging Co. feels a great sense of urgency to replace single-use plastics with more sustainable alternatives and this partnership with SEKO Logistics will enable us to do that at great scale. We are very proud to have been chosen by SEKO Logistics as their key supplier of home compostable packaging solutions and look forward to making positive change together and a real dent in the world’s plastic problem.”

Photo: Rebecca Percasky and Kate Bezar, Founders of The Better Packaging Co.