Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mafi Trailer Again Proves its Worth to Project Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry

Iconic Aid to RoRo Handling Delivers Once More
Shipping News Feature

UK – MEXICO – In many industries, some branded products become so iconic they transform into the generally used, rather than the specific item, think of ‘Hoover’, ‘Q-Tip’ and ‘Xerox’, in the logistics market the same tends to apply so for shipping freight by way of RoRo we have the Mafi trailer, from a company which manufactures a range of port equipment yet is known by a product universal in its use and appeal, and once again, it was one such trailer which proved a key element in the latest project forwarding movement for Tuscor Lloyd’s.

The Manchester based group was called in to organise the multimodal transportation of a break bulk and out of gauge shipment of machinery from Tipton in the UK to Altamira, Mexico. Initially the 35 tonne export made its way on a low loader trailer on the initial 180 mile leg by road to the Port of Felixstowe. Some rescheduling was required when the main body of the shipment arrived behind schedule but the marine surveyors employed to survey the goods prior to shipment used the time to check out other pieces of the shipment which had already been loaded and secured to one flatrack and three high-cube containers.

When it arrived the largest piece was checked for damage before being lifted from the truck on to a Mafi trailer using four 12 tonne wires which were secured to the reinforced lifting points on the base of the cargo casing. The cargo was temporarily secured to the Mafi trailer with a couple of heavy duty ratchet straps to keep the cargo safe during movement around the quay.

Tuscor Lloyds had arranged with the vessel for the cargo to be loaded as a break bulk shipment using one 40ft flatrack container. Due to changes in the loading time of the cargo and a new position for the flatrack container (high on-top a stack of containers without safe access for lashing) the loading plan had to be revised and the new plan was to pre-load the huge case to the flatrack before loading to the vessel, making lashings much safer for the stevedores.

The giant case, duly secured to the 40ft flatrack container, was checked and lifted using a port crane with hydraulic spreader. The flatrack then was secured to the container stack in the usual way using auto-twistlocks in each corner. Following this, the balance of the other containers were loaded as scheduled before the ship sailed to Mexico, where all the goods arrived on schedule before being safely discharged and delivered to the consignee.

Photo: The shipment sits atop the Mafi trailer prior to shipment.