Monday, November 2, 2009

Maersk Line Shipping Takes the Banana

New technology opens markets for fruit growers
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Maerskline Shipping have taken new steps to improve the lot of the world’s banana growers. The company now offers a new Controlled Atmosphere (CA) container service that promises to allow the notoriously fickle fruit to remain fresh for longer.

The rapid ripening of bananas has meant that for exporters market reach was limited. However, with its introduction of StarCare CA containers the company now claims that it can “maintain outstanding product quality for up to 45 days”.

The StarCare system is especially designed to carry fruit over long distances. The containers regulate temperature, humidity levels and the mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen to keep produce fresh without the need for traditional packing methods.

The company claims that with this new service option the “…ability to transport bananas reliably and affordably for up to 45 days translates into a world of new markets for exporters in several countries.

“For example, because of the ability to now ship small volumes, exporters in Ecuador can now ship to the Middle East, Japan, China, Russia and the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and New Zealand. Costa Rican exporters now have access to valuable markets in Russia and the East Coast of South America.

“And Banana producers in the Philippines are now able to export their produce to the Middle East, while African exporters can now ship to the Mediterranean Sea and to Northern Europe.”

(editors note: Apologies for the headline)