Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lucky US Truck Driver Update As Arrow Celebrate 60 Years

Truck Sales Group Release 'Back on the Road' Winner's Videos
Shipping News Feature

US – Back in October we announced the third annual “Back on the Road” campaign to find the freight truck driver most deserving of a helping hand. Arrow Truck Sales, the Kansas City based commercial vehicle distributor’s, hold the event each year to assist a professional trucker down on his or her luck by supplying them with a rig, insurance etc. free of charge. Arrow were on the receiving end of some bad publicity last year when some other freight news sources confused them with the Arrow Trucking Group of Tulsa, Oklahoma who collapsed spectacularly just before Christmas leaving drivers stranded penniless across the States.

Arrow are celebrating their 60th anniversary with various truck sales promotions and their comprehensive network of 18 dealerships across the US and Canada have access to staff fluent in 19 languages! Now you can view the winning video for the “Back on the Road” title submitted by the winner’s daughter, Savannah Snyder together with dad Robert’s humble reaction when presented with the prize that will change his life.

Pic: Robert Snyder flanked by wife Sylvia and daughter Savannah at the winners ceremony.