Monday, December 1, 2014

Longer Semi Trailer Trial Supported by Road Haulage and Logistics Outfit

Scottish Group Increases Oversize Vehicle Fleet by a Third
Shipping News Feature

UK – The Government’s ten year trial of longer semi-trailers which we first announced in 2011 proceeds apace and one road haulage company which has enthusiastically backed the scheme has now increased its current longer semi-trailer fleet by a third, taking its total fleet involved in the government trial to fifteen. Carntyne Transport, logistics specialist and part of the Russell group based in Glasgow, is operating the trailers on their contract with Nampak Plastics Europe Ltd, a leading manufacture in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles for the food and drink industry.

The 15.65 metre semi-trailers were manufactured by SDC Trailers and form part of the trial which sees a total allocation of 1,800 semi-trailers of 14.6 metres and 15.65 metres lengths and is expected to save over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 over the decade it is operational. David Paterson, Managing Director of Carntyne, said:

"The lightweight high cube nature of the products being transported is ideal for these longer trailers as weight is not a concern. We have made an investment in the region of £500,000 and are hoping that the trial is a success within the wider industry. The response to the trailers from both our customer and our driver team has been very positive. All our drivers undertook a rigorous training programme which ensured a smooth transition to the longer trailers."

The longer trailers will be operating from Nampak's manufacturing facilities in Bellshill and Newport Pagnell, servicing dairies in the north of Scotland and southern England and seem to have won approval from the haulier’s customer with Roger Triscott, Head of Supply Chain and Projects for Nampak, saying:

"We are pleased with the new trailers and how they have integrated into the operation. Being able to work in partnership with Carntyne on the design and specification allowed us to create a trailer which met the specific needs of our product. The additional space also allowed us to introduce air vents and roof modifications which help control heat build-up within the trailers."