Tuesday, December 1, 2009

London International Airport Set To Take On Massive Air Freight Contracts

But Don’t Get Too Excited - That’s London, Ontario
Shipping News Feature

CANADA – Situated in South West Ontario, London International Airport is set to increase its cargo business dramatically. The city named after its more famous English capital cousin also has its own Gateway Project underway and is about to receive $8 million from the Federal authorities to construct an intermodal road/air transhipment facility to attract some of the 300,000 tonnes of freight which bypass the town every year en route from Europe and to and from the US.

The Gateway scheme, as with its UK namesake, is designed to improve infrastructure for the throughput of cargo more quickly and efficiently. The airport itself plans to invest half a million dollars of its own money to get the project underway. London is strategically placed between Detroit and Buffalo, both busy American trade centres and just north of Cleveland across the shores of Lake Erie.

The airport management believe their geographical location gives them a huge advantage over other centres. With the seemingly constant tightening of US Customs regulations and inspections London believe they can offload and tranship goods whilst documents are forwarded to the relevant border posts at Windsor or Sarnia some 50 miles away. When the goods arrive by truck they are already cleared for inspection and can immediately transit onward.

With a catchment area of 1.7 million souls the airport already has 50 or so businesses within its boundaries and directly employs 1700 people. This is hoped to rise by 150 more when the new freight transhipment terminal is completed with development of a cargo village, customs facilities etc.