Thursday, August 13, 2009

Logwins Deliver Giant Tank

Oversized load specialists pull off eight-country trip
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY / ROMANIA – The international logistics service provider Logwin has successfully delivered a 13-tonne tank to a power station in Cernavoda, Romania. The load covered a total distance of 2,100 kilometers on the Danube and passed through eight countries on its 13-day river journey: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

“We had to obtain special transit authorization for Serbia and Croatia beforehand as they do not belong to the EU”, explained Holger Philipowski, Manager Transportation Eastern Europe at Logwin's Dietzenbach office. “We reached Cernavoda without any incidents and according to plan on 23 July.”

The tank then had to be transhipped and completed its journey after negotiating power and telephone lines. Problems were encountered when high winds made delivery to the site hazardous and plans had to be altered so that the tank could be taken through the stations perimeter wall.

“Careful preparation and quick reactions to unexpected events are extremely important to execute projects of this type successfully", said Philipowski. "With our long experience in oversized transportation, we know exactly what matters – especially in the countries of Eastern Europe.”

(pic: Logwins)