Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Logistics Sector Steps Up with Supply Chain for Cyclone Idai Victims

Danish Shipping Group Aids Red Cross Efforts as EU Chip In Cash
Shipping News Feature
SOUTHERN AFRICA – DENMARK – Shortly after the EU granted €3.5 million in aid to the victims of cyclone Idai, which devastated much of Southern Africa recently, with €2 million provided in Mozambique, €1 million in Malawi, and €0.5 million in Zimbabwe, so the logistics sector started stepping up by providing an essential supply chain route for aid to the region.

Danish shipping group DSV hosts the Danish Red Cross’ emergency warehouse and helps with transport in emergency situations such as this. After the cyclone made landfall on the evening of 14-15 March, thousands of homes were flattened and rivers burst their banks after continuous deluges of rainfall swamped the area.

Local DSV resources were deployed to support the Red Cross response to transport emergency equipment from neighbouring countries to Malawi in order to help the many victims of the cyclone, as Jesper Petersen, Senior Director, Group CSR in DSV, explains:

“We have been providing support to Malawi for a few years, so we know that this is already a vulnerable area. There’s no doubt that we should be supporting, and the best way to do it is offering our transport expertise; we’re transporting emergency relief equipment to affected areas, that way the Red Cross too can get to focus on their expertise.”

Other Red Cross personnel travelled to Mozambique to assess the situation there, with the port city of Beira now finally being accessible after efforts to repair and replace infrastructure were effected. Danish Red Cross stores supplies and emergency equipment at an emergency relief warehouse, where they carry out training to make sure every delegate knows what to do when disaster like cyclone Idai happens and they end up in an area with very limited resources.

Photo: The lone figure of a farmer punts his way across the 3,000 square kilometre floodplain which was dry land up to 15 March.