Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Logistics Sector Should Enter New UK Search for Technology to Fight Cyber Crime

Millions in Awards for Successful Supply Chain Lobbyists
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UK – The seriousness of the spate of cyber-crime which now occupies both the time and resources of many companies and individuals has prompted the government to sponsor a competition with the aim of tackling the problem directly via soft and hardware development. Those in the logistics industry are ideally suited to vie for such an award.

Two or three successful entries will share between £1.5 and £4 million from an original pot of £6 million. This is not just another best practice recommendation, or a new AI tool to monitor network and endpoints, this is intended to produce a change which will enhance the central hardware and software of a computer to help block the issues responsible for up to 70% of today’s vulnerabilities and allow future products and services to protect their data and keep control of their operations.

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) managed Digital Security by Design (DSbD) programme is working with business and researchers to prototype this step-change while also giving the broader business community the visibility and opportunity to be ready to benefit from the change.

The growing number of data breaches and cyber-attacks are exposing the widespread nature of digital vulnerabilities and it is clear no sector of business, infrastructure or society is safe. Whether it’s delivering critical infrastructure, the processing of valuable data, or the digitisation of industry, businesses will grow or die depending on the cyber security and resilience of their computerised systems.

Open to UK businesses, the leaders of an industry sector such as logistics are to collaborate with technology suppliers and academics to investigate and evaluate the impact the new DSbD technologies may have on the productivity from, or capabilities of, future digital security by design products or services.

An ideal consortium will be able to represent an industry sector that requires secure system operation with safety and resilience or those that manage high-value data assets in which compromise may cause serious economic or personal harm. Through this competition, business from these sectors have a unique opportunity to be part of a transformational change in securing their business functions, products and services stretching across their supply chain providers.

This is phase 1 of a 2-phase competition. Phase 1 is an expression of interest (EoI) for which no funding will be allocated. The success of phase 1 applications will be subject to the outcome of a scope check, and an interview process involving a panel of experts. Successful applicants in phase 1 will be invited to proceed to phase 2 and apply for funding. In phase 2 short-listed consortia will be invited to prepare and submit a full project proposal. Phase 2 will involve a portfolio approach for the selection of demonstrator projects.

Applications must be in by Wednesday 26 May 2021 11:00am with details of an initiative to be begun on or after 1 February 2022 and completed by 31 January 2025. Applications can be made directly from HERE where full details can be found.