Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Logistics Profit Jumps For US Market Leader As Freight Numbers Rise

Last Quarter Improvement as 3PL's Pass on Increased Fuel Costs
Shipping News Feature

US – Latest figures for C.H. Robinson, one of the largest third party logistics providers in the country show a marked improvement in the freight market over the past quarter. Robinson’s have a customer base exceeding 36,000 who access their three main services - multimodal transport, fresh produce sourcing and fee-based information supply.

Almost 50,000 freight transport companies globally are suppliers to Robinson’s world wide network of 230 offices, all a product of this century old trucking group. First quarter profits rose to $97 million against last years comparative figure of $84 million as the company passed on the recent increased fuel costs and tonnage levels continued to rise after the slump two years ago.