Friday, May 8, 2015

Logistics Group to Build New Freight Handling Terminal Opening Trade Lane for Air Cargo

St Louis Airport Sees Multimodal Cargo Development
Shipping News Feature

US – MEXICO – A new venture is to construct a major cargo handling facility at Lambert St. Louis International Airport with the initial intention of promoting trade between Mexico and the US. The Bi-National Gateway Terminal is a newly launched logistics group which has taken a 20-year lease on a 49-acre site on the edge of one of the airport’s four runways to serve multimodal cargo needs and will be equipped to handle perishables, live animals, high value shipments, express and general freight.

With ever increasing trade between the two countries the aim of the new facility is to provide a solution to the traditional delays and congestion experienced by importers and exporters. Bi-National Cargo Terminal’s founder and President Ricardo Nicolopulos commented:

“Mexico is the third largest trade partner with the USA, and we aim to improve the flow of cargo moving between these two major markets. Ultimately, we intend to provide a link between the Americas and all major world markets. In addition to developing the new terminal facilities, we are working closely with the Mexican authorities to introduce fast–track pre-clearance and security functions for exports from the USA. Once approved, this pre-clearance system will expedite import traffic into Mexico. Eventually, however, it will also enable Mexico to export by air in a more reliable and efficient manner that will enhance the country’s position as a trade partner for the world.”

The site for the new facility is being leased to Bi-National Cargo Terminal by Lambert St. Louis International Airport and Cargo Development Director David Lancaster was clearly delighted to welcome its new resident saying:

“This is excellent news for Lambert St. Louis and fits perfectly with our airport strategic plan and the region’s focus on growth in the logistics sector. Lambert St. Louis is the ideal platform for this type of cargo operation, which exploits our strengths in terms of location and ease of intermodal connectivity with highways, rail and river.

“Bi-National Cargo Terminal plans to begin construction by the summer of 2015, and is expected to complete phase 1 within 30 months. The facility will consist of 500,000 square feet of terminal, and 1 million square feet of cargo ramp and support infrastructure for airlines using the facility. This expansion will help us to attract new cargo services to the airport and expand upon the region’s logistics footprint. This new venture is visionary, and we look forward to working closely with Mr. Nicolopulos and his team to grow the operation over the coming years.”