Thursday, January 19, 2012

Logistics Group Takes Stakes in Freight Forwarding Partner

SDV Invests in FAST
Shipping News Feature

MIDDLE EAST – EUROPE – SDV International Logistics has confirmed it has taken stakes in various parts of the FAST group of freight forwarding companies. Following several years of co-operation between the two SDV recently took a minority interest in FAST Mondial & Marine, desribed as the top freight forwarder in the Lebanon having a staff of ninety and an annual turnover of $30 million.

The FAST name has been built over thirty years and with its subsidiary companies in Jordan and Syria, FAST Overseas group significantly increases SDV’s presence in Middle East and reinforces the group’s investment in the Southern Mediterranean area. SDV has also taken a majority stake in FAST France which has cooperated for twenty five years with FAST Lebanon and is involved in significant freight traffic volumes to the Persian Gulf. The French division is headed by Marc Anaya and has a €12 million turnover with a complement of 25 staff.

With the aim of bringing SDV Italy and FAST Italy closer together SDV has also acquired 100% of the operation which turns over €3 million with a staff of ten. FAST Italy is managed jointly with FAST Overseas and FAST France and also specialises in cargo moving to the Middle East. SDV says the investments strengthen presence in the Middle-East and is a continuation of the reinforcing of its global network.