Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Logistics Group Help Moonwalkers Breast The Tape

CEVA Support Cancer Charity
Shipping News Feature

UK – Supply chain and logistics specialists CEVA once again ensured the sleepless participants in this year’s London Moonwalk in aid of the breast cancer care were well provided with refreshments during their nocturnal activities. 15,000 bra clad power walking women (and some brave yet dubiously attired men) strode across the capital to enable them to collect sponsorship monies to assist the Walk the Walk charity which has grown from an initial trek for thirteen New York women fourteen years ago to the global phenomenon it is today.

The charity, under the patronage of HRH the Price of Wales since 2000 has raised a total of £65 million+ so far and CEVA fully supported this year’s event and its theme ‘Walk on the Wild Side’, which saw both sexes sporting colorfully decorated bras and walking 26, or 13, miles across London overnight. CEVA organized the distribution of bottled water and fruit at the refreshment stations along the entire Central London route and Alan Bell, Senior General Manager commented:

“We have managed the distribution of refreshments at this event for the past six years. It involves distributing 40,000 bottles of water and 100 boxes of fruit to the strategically placed refreshment stations along the route. We also collect the tables, empty bottles and unused fruit afterwards, returning it to Hyde Park. It’s a fantastic event to be involved in, good fun and a great atmosphere.”

This of course is not the only London based athletic event assisted by CEVA. Last month we told how the company handled the logistics of transporting the kit of 35,000 runners across the city to be reunited with its owners following the London Marathon.

NB Anyone who would like to learn more about the fascinating history of Walk the Walk can do so HERE.