Friday, August 31, 2012

Logistics Group Has Ocean Freight Beanfeast with New Container Shipping Contract

Heinz Settles for Just One Variety
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Supply chain group Ceva Logistics has pulled off something of a coup this week with the announcement that it has landed what it describes as a ‘groundbreaking’ exclusive contract to handle all H.J. Heinz ocean freight requirements for the next five years. The global food group is currently shipping an annual total of around 60,000 containers (TEU’s) and Ceva say this is the first time any company with that level of trade has allowed exclusive management by a sole freight forwarder.

Ceva sold the contract to Heinz on the basis that it has made ocean freight a strategic priority with the ability to negotiate reduced rates a key factor coupled with the guarantee of enhanced supply chain visibility and a simplification of systems and processes, advantages of dealing with a single agent.

Ceva can afford to invest time, materials and personnel in the knowledge that the contract is long term enough to produce a worthwhile return whilst knowing it puts the group in the driving seat for ongoing contracts and acts as an indicator to other large potential customers of Ceva’s overall abilities.