Thursday, March 26, 2015

Logistics Group Completes Another Project Freight Forwarding Shipment

Rio Grande to Aberdeen Presents Specific Problems for Out of Gauge Goods
Shipping News Feature

BRAZIL – UK – The special projects team at freight forwarding and logistics group Tuscor Lloyds recently had to face another awkward multimodal challenge when asked to move 4 giant steel reels, each weighing almost 31 tonnes and standing over 5 metres high, from Rio Grande, Brazil to Aberdeen, Scotland.

Low loader trucks, special permits for the road and crane lifts, and a police escort all had first to be arranged to take the reels, each measuring 510 x 379 x 382 cms, from the manufacturer’s facility to the port of loading. All reels exceeded the dimensions of the four flat rack containers needed to carry them, making the cargo over width and over height and thus efficiently securing the cargo was of utmost importance before the long sea shipment.

The cargo was lashed in Rio Grande by means of 14 5/8” diameter steel wire ropes, 5/8” diameter clips and 7/8” diameter turnbuckles fastened to the cargo and to the container lashing points. Tuscor Lloyds projects team organised onsite surveyors to inspect the cargo, ensuring no damage occurred during trucking. The surveyor also signed off the quality of the cargo lashing to Flat Rack Containers. Once confirmed the cargo was fully prepared to travel on board the vessel MV Cap San Lorenzo, from Rio Grande to London Gateway.

On arrival in the UK the cargo once again required low loader trucks from port to the lashing yard where it was then released from the flat rack containers. Once all relevant road permits were in place the final leg of the journey saw the reels transferred to awaiting low loader transport for the 547 mile trip to Aberdeen where they were to be used as mooring lines for an Oil and Gas Rig resupply vessel.