Thursday, July 19, 2012

Logistics Giant Launches New Twice Weekly Air Freight Service

DHL Expands US - Australia Service Options
Shipping News Feature

US – AUSTRALIA – Freight and logistics behemoth DHL announced today that its partner airline, Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, has strengthened its international air cargo network with the addition of a twice-weekly direct flight from DHL’s global forwarding hub in Cincinnati to Australia’s major commercial centre in Sydney, improving transit times by up to a day. The B747-400 freighter with a payload of up to 113 tonnes will make a refuelling stop in Honolulu, Hawaii and the new service will launch later this month.

DHL expects the new connection to support volume growth from Canada and the US into Australia and New Zealand that is expected to exceed 20% in 2012. It will improve services and reliability into all East Coast destinations in Australia, particularly the key markets of Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne. The scheduled service will alternate between the Cincinnati-Sydney and Cincinnati-Sydney-Melbourne routes. Integrated road feeds operating from Sydney to Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne ensure next day morning deliveries in these cities off each flight. The freighter will return to Cincinnati via Hong Kong, further strengthening the service from Asia to the Americas.

The rationale behind the new flight is both operational and economic. Aside from the benefits that the freighter is expected to bring in terms of transit time improvements and increased reliability, the investment will target a key trade lane for express shipments out of the US. The US accounted for 12.5% of all imports into Australia in 2011, making it the second largest source of imports overall after China. Trade on the US to Australia lane enjoyed a year-on-year growth rate of 8% in 2011, with high value goods such as engineering equipment and vehicle parts among the top categories of imports. Charlie Dobbie, Executive Vice President, Global Network Operations, DHL Express said:

"As international specialists, we recognize that our customers are interested above all in what a new flight means for their shipments every day. This new flight, operated with modern, environmentally-friendly freighters, will bring a number of clear benefits for customers: it will guarantee uplift on a route that is already in high demand, while reducing delivery times on shipments picked up in the US and destined for key destinations in Australia. Additionally it strengthens uplift capability on the Asia to America’s trade lanes as the flights return to the US. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates to our customers once again that DHL understands their business and is focused on supporting their trading activities and growth."