Monday, May 11, 2015

Logistics Demands to New Government from Road Haulage and Freight Transport Representatives

RHA and FTA Press on with their Manifestos
Shipping News Feature

UK – Hardly had the polling booths been packed away for another lustrum when the UK’s two leading logistics associations announced their requirements of the new Tory government. Both the Road Haulage (RHA) and the Freight Transport Association (FTA) reiterated their positions regarding the future of the industry with statements aimed at the new administration.

Both organisations has previously published their own manifestos, timed to coincide with the election. The RHA version (viewable here) is perhaps the more comprehensive of the two, despite being highway orientated, covering everything from driver qualification and status to slow payment and Vehicle Excise Duty. RHA chief executive Richard Burnett emphasised the RHA was delighted that the next administration will be a majority government, going on to say:

“With one party forming a government we look forward to forging clearer and closer relationships with ministers and officials. In December 2014 George Osborne recognised the acute nature of the driver shortage and confirmed his understanding of the problem during an election campaign visit to an RHA member. Without the targeted funding that is so desperately needed to alleviate this major issue, the future of the UK haulage industry will be seriously compromised and the subsequent effects on the economy unthinkable. We now demand that the new Government puts its money where its mouth is and puts the issue at the top of its priority list.

“The new government must also recognise, in its policies and actions, that the road transport industry is an essential enabler of growth and the job creation needed to eliminate the public spending deficit. It must support the industry, and therefore the UK economy, with appropriate tax policies, road investment and regulation. We still have by far the highest level of fuel duty in the EU. It is a heavy tax on business, pushes up the price of everything we buy, undermines competitiveness and holds back our haulage industry. It must not be increased in this parliament. Our congested roads desperately need investment and the current spending plan for England is the minimum level needed to sustain the economy.”

The FTA meanwhile (manifesto illustrated here) has in fact a wider modal brief and calls for all the usual points raised previously in its meetings with government officials and also adds in other items such as airport capacity. Karen Dee, FTA Director of Policy said:

“Mr Cameron’s new Government needs to ensure that logistics is given the attention it deserves. Its policies must ensure the industry can be as efficient and effective as possible in support of businesses and consumers in the UK. FTA is the leading trade association representing the operators and customers of all modes of freight transport, road, rail, water and air. Our objective is to ensure that the UK has a safe, efficient and sustainable supply chain, and we sincerely hope that the new Government will support us in these goals.”