Thursday, June 8, 2017

Logistics Conference to Tell Freight Operators How to Stop Vehicles Being Used in Terrorist Attacks

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Shipping News Feature
UK – After Islamic terrorists launched multiple attacks across Europe using vehicles as weapons some of the UK’s largest HGV fleet operators are to meet this month for a briefing about preventing vehicles being used as weapons. Scott Gibbons and Matt Burgess from the National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters (NCTPHQ) will address HGV trainers and transport managers from across the UK and give the latest advice in a session 'Crowded places - protect and prepare'. The briefing is being given as part of the Talent in Logistics Conference to be held on 22nd June in Telford, West Midlands.

Since the incidents where a vehicle has been used as a means of attack, Scott Gibbons has been engaging with the transport industry and partners to jointly work on mitigating this threat. Matt Burgess is also a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator (CTSECCO) with extensive operational policing background, including command experience at major events. In a statement the organisers of the forthcoming Conference said:

“Talent in Logistics attendees represent a significant proportion of the total number of lorries on UK roads. This latest advice from National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ will help businesses prepare their staff, and logistics operations, to prevent their vehicles being used in an act of terror.”

The Talent in Logistics conference is of course about much more than this single briefing. Topics include vehicles, forklift trucks, apprenticeships, training and safety and those attending will also have chance to watch the exciting heats of International Forklift Operator of the Year and Instructor of the Year. The Conference is free to attend, features a range of seminars on various topics of interest to members of the industry and applications to attend can be made HERE.