Monday, February 22, 2021

Logistics Company Celebrates a Decade of Adding Link to its Supply Chain Services

From Container Haulier to Fully Fledged Distribution Group
Shipping News Feature

UK – Logistics, by its very nature encompassing a wide variety of links in the supply chain, can be a complex business to run. While companies tend toward specialisation, some take the step to extend their portfolios to accommodate clients when they perceive an opportunity to do so. Many test the water and fail but one firm which has managed to enhance its services has just celebrated a decade of success in doing just that.

Maritime Transport had built its fleet around container transport, hauling between ports, customers and returns across the UK before, on 1 February 2011, it diversified into the domestic distribution sector with the purchase of 100 curtainsiders as part of a strategy to enhance its supply chain services to customers.

From a standing start, Maritime has developed its distribution division at pace which now forms a key part of the company’s operational model, a major factor in contributing to Maritime’s growth. To date, 16 of the company’s 40+ depots host dedicated distribution fleets, with the division now turning over annual revenues of more than £150 million.

This growth has meant the services are now all completed via a fleet of 400 vehicles delivering an average of 6,000 customer deliveries per week, 24/7. Dave Boomer, Maritime’s Chief Executive Officer, Distribution, commented:

”Maritime has become a major player in the UK distribution sector and we are delighted with the year on year growth we have seen. We have established a reputation for delivering a reliable and competitively-priced service and are now the chosen supplier to some of the world’s largest FMCG companies. Our policy of reinvesting our profits and owning our assets has underpinned this growth whilst the customer mix has accelerated the development of our rail offering and inland terminals.

”Coupled to our established container division, secondhand trucks fleet sales arm and freight forwarding division, we have established a business which is diverse, robust, and capable of overcoming all challenges with the flexibility and knowledge base to seize all our opportunities.”

Alex Williams, Managing Director of Distribution at Maritime said the company was incredibly lucky to have a brilliant workforce of staff and drivers at the forefront of its distribution services and looked forward to supporting its customers as their businesses developed.