Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Logistics Companies Falling Behind on App Development

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UK – WORLDWIDE – The use of apps and mobile technology have made huge changes in the way logistics companies operate, especially in the picking and delivery sections of the industry. However, despite the importance of this new methodology almost three-quarters of transport and logistics firms lack the ability to develop mobile apps in-house.

Now one company states it has a solution that it believes should assist IT departments to solve this problem. Mobile data capture specialist WorkMobile offers a simple, drag-and-drop app builder that is cloud based which enables companies to build apps to their individual requirements internally.

In a statement, the company says that their research found that 100% of businesses involved in the logistics industry use mobile apps at one level or another. For many, their use is critical to operations. Colin Yates, chief support officer at WorkMobile, commented:

“The past few months have also shown us that in order for businesses to succeed, agility is absolutely key. In-house mobile app development can be a really cost-effective way to respond quickly to ever-changing external factors, and ensure employees always have the right tools to do their jobs.”

However, despite this importance 75% of the companies surveyed did not have the ability in their IT departments to develop specific mobile solutions tailored to the individual company. Additionally 50% of IT teams in the transport and logistics industry are overstretched and don’t have the time or capacity to develop their own apps, while 38% do not have the coding skills and expertise required to do so.

The research also found that even among those businesses that are capable of developing their own apps, many have struggled to make them a success. Yates added:

“It’s clear that effective in-house app development is just not feasible for the vast majority of businesses. Fortunately, technology is evolving and no-coding app development platforms can now offer a fantastic alternative. These toolkits make it possible to quickly produce mobile apps that are specifically tailored to the needs of their employees, with no coding expertise required.”