Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Logistics and Supply Chain Group Move to New Airport Freight Distribution Centre

New Facility Triple Available Dock Doors
Shipping News Feature

US – Despite complaints that worldwide air freight is suffering of late, some seem to be surviving better than others using a combination of supply chain service talents and Ceva Logistics has just announced it will relocate to new premises in Richmond, Virginia in late summer this year. Ceva serves virtually the entire state of Virginia from its Richmond facility, including the state’s major port in Norfolk, the city of Roanoke to the west, and south across the North Carolina border.

Ceva’s services provided from here cover the full range of supply chain operations and include air import and export, warehousing (including pick and pack operations), ocean import and export, domestic ground and residential home delivery of heavy, bulky items particularly for large customers that utilise e-commerce as an integral part of their business model.

The new site is at 6601 S. Laburnum Avenue at the Richmond Airport Distribution Centre, the new facility is a multi-use site which will manage the logistics needs of several global brands, with room to expand. The Centre, itself built around 1999 but featuring bespoke office space expressly built out for Ceva’s rapidly growing domestic operation, triples the number of dock doors available to Ceva’s freight management operation, including ramp access for enhanced security measures. Larry Gamble, Vice President of Operations, East Region, for Ceva, said:

“This new facility gives us room to expand our customer base and offerings in the Virginia market. One of Ceva’s core strengths is our expertise in developing and managing LEAN operations. The new facility allows us to build on this expertise for greater productivity, with the added benefit of increased energy efficiency. We are excited about what this means for Ceva’s presence in Virginia.”

Photo: 6601 S. Laburnum Avenue, Richmond Airport Distribution Centre.