Thursday, December 13, 2012

Logistics and Relocation Specialists Forego Corporate Gifts This Year

Underprivileged Children Will Benefit at Christmas Instead
Shipping News Feature

DUBAI – UGANDA – MONGOLIA – This holiday season, instead of purchasing individual corporate gifts, Dubai headquartered global logistics and relocation specialist Move One decided to donate something in order to spread some cheer to the children of Uganda and also surprise the children at the Lotus Children's Centre, in Mongolia.

With the help of Kit Out Kids, a Dubai-based volunteer group that dedicate themselves to collecting and shipping sporting equipment and clothing to children living in disadvantaged communities, Move One supplied sporting goods and apparel to numerous schools in the Kampala region of Uganda. The company said in a statement:

“Many children in Uganda walk to school in bare feet and are without access to many of the sports we take for granted, due to the simple fact they lack the necessary equipment. Sport and play are essential in developing important life skills, improving health, and fostering peace in communities like Kampala. Through sporting programs children learn cooperation, teamwork, and leadership that positively impact their lives.”

Teams in Dubai and Mongolia worked together to donate and deliver essential electrical equipment, including washing machines, microwaves, fridges and large ovens to a centre in the Mongolian capital largely dependent on charitable donations. The company also created an educational play area for the children equipped with televisions, computers and printers to give these children the modern comforts and opportunities they desperately deserve.

Didi Kalika, an Australian yoga teacher living in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia was moved by the plight of the children living on the streets and founded the Lotus Children's Centre. She started simply by giving food and basic medical care, and soon realised that serious change was necessary to make a real impact. The centre opened in 1993 and works to house underprivileged and vulnerable children to provide the basic human rights of shelter, nutrition and education. In order to protect the children from the ever increasing urban sprawl that is Ulaanbaatar a new centre is currently under construction further from town.

To see a video of the equipment arriving at the Lotus Childrens’ Centre click HERE.

To make a donation this Christmas, corporate or personal, to help with their admirable work click HERE.

Photo: Kit Out Kids in action. Photo by Jacqueline Kent.