Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Logistics and Freight Increases Employment Opportunities at Greater Rate than Other UK Sectors

Analysis Shows 7% Average Jobs Rise with Parcel Distributors for On Line Retail Driving the Trend
Shipping News Feature
UK – Statistics gathered by job search engine Joblift on the UK's logistics employment market over the past year has shown that overall the industry has seen an average monthly increase of 7% in the past year, offering a total of 297,701 jobs since April 2016. This is in comparison with a growth of 1% in the UK job market as a whole.

According to Joblift, the company offering the largest number of positions advertised in the logistics industry was Yodel, which advertised 1,981 jobs since April 2016. Amazon follows Yodel, with 1,348 job postings in the past year - Joblift points out that these results contrast with the news that Amazon is looking to further automation in their delivery department.

The paucity of freight drivers, which we have detailed so many times over the past months, unsurprisingly make that category as the most sought after profession with a total of 40,253 jobs posted in the past year and an average monthly growth of 9%. Warehouse staff and box fillers are numerically the second most in-demand positions in the logistics industry, with an average monthly growth of 10% and 19,123 job postings in the past year.

According to Joblift’s research on working hours and contracts, full-time positions make up 94% of all logistics jobs posted online, with part-time jobs making up just 5%. However, when considering percentage increase and job market growth, full-time postings have had an average monthly increase of 4% since April 2016, compared to a massive 25% monthly increase in part-time positions.

In terms of location, Greater London hosts the highest number of vacancies in the industry with a total of 52,913 jobs posted in the past year. Greater London has around five times more vacancies than Birmingham, which comes in as the sub-region with the second highest number of postings in the logistics industry with 10,064 listings.

However, according to the analysis, Birmingham’s average monthly growth is higher than in Greater London; the Midlands region shows an average percentage increase of 12%, compared to Greater London’s 9%. Manchester ranks with the third highest number of jobs posted, with a total of 9,912 jobs posted in the past year, however, in terms of monthly growth, the region has an average increase of just 1%.