Friday, May 19, 2017

Lobby with Road Haulage at its Heart Publishes its Own Manifesto

FairFuel UK Scathing About All Election Candidates Lack of Policy
Shipping News Feature
UK – FairFuelUK is an organisation which was conceived from road haulage roots but which quickly evolved to represent the views of many both private and commercial drivers. Whilst more usually targeting current government policy the latest sideswipe comes as a result of what it perceives as little or no policies whatsoever from any of the parties involved in the run up to the General Election, on the one subject dear to its members hearts.

To illustrate exactly where the organisation feels the next British government should go on the issue, FairFuel UK has published its own manifesto with a set of policies which it says will benefit the economy, clean the air and ensure a vote on June 8 for any party willing to adopt it. FairFuel UK says none of the contestants mention fuel duty, VED, congestion taxes, roads investment, PumpWatch, emissions, road haulage plans, complaining that just the ‘unelectable Lib Dems naively planning to ban diesel vehicles forever.’ Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK campaign observed:

“All Political Parties are willing to fleece hard working drivers, small business and the haulage industry with the highest motoring taxes worldwide, but are unwilling to say what they plan for them in the next parliament. Their apathy is devaluing the diesel fleet and spreading uncertainty to hard working Britain. Drivers hold the solutions to cleaner air, economic growth and impact on all our lives and politicians must not overlook at their peril, they also vote. So why are our politicos in waiting, running so scared?”

Cox says the five key policies outlined will deliver benefit to the UK and are proven to influence voting intentions significantly and are a long-term sustainable transport strategy using corroborated tactics that will help everyday life, the growth of businesses, personal spending and family health. The key manifesto issues are:

  • Fairer driver taxation - Incentivise don’t punish
  • Diesel & clean air - Time for impartiality not demonisation
  • Deliver solutions to lowering emissions without tax hikes
  • Invest significantly in roads across the UK to benefit economy and the environment
  • Introduce Pump Watch - To stop opportunistic profiteering and make pricing transparent at the pumps
In surveys since 2010, FairFuelUK says it has correctly predicted the outcomes of elections and the EU Referendum. A statement released today is extremely critical of the approach of all the parties saying:

”FairFuelUK has become the most effective representation for millions of motorists, white van drivers, the haulage industry and small businesses. The group of voters who rely on their vehicles going to work, for use in their employment, education, medical support, shopping, social, family and leisure activities. No other motoring organisation truthfully represents these hard-working people and their needs and anxieties so independently and for no commercial gain.

”A significant number of MPs from across all Parties support FairFuelUK. Yet no Political Party is willing to stand up for 37 million drivers, who compose 81% of the electorate. Not one Party ever places any positive encouragement in their political manifestos for this critical part of the economy. The Lib Dems even want to ban diesels by 2025. What planet are they on, it certainly isn’t one called common-sense? In fact, 70% of drivers believe there isn’t one UK political party that supports motorists or understands driving issues despite 93% of all journeys being by road!

”The make-up of 1.4 million supporters in the campaign’s surveys comprises real people who truly care about the UK, its economy and its environment. These voters are huge net contributors to UK Plc. It’s time they are given a carrot or two instead of the perennial blind contempt to what’s staring the new Government in the face. Not just that bottomless pit of guaranteed revenue, but an economic engine room of growth and a source of proven solutions to cleaner emissions without punitive toxic taxation.

”Decade after decade, a huge proportion of the electorate has been subjected to fiscal exploitation, at levels not seen anywhere else in the world. This silent majority provides £40 billion to the economy each year, yet gains trifling value and certainly no recognition in return. They are seen merely as compliant cash cows and even sadder, myopically portrayed by highly financed environmentalist groups, as prime contributors to the decline in our health, all based on scaremongering headlines and misrepresentation of health data.

”FairFuelUK’s 5 key policies will deliver unquestionable benefit to the UK and are proven to influence voting intentions significantly. Their very simplicity shows that it is not rocket science, political dogma or ignorance that drivers and small businesses want from their elected MPs, but a long-term sustainable transport strategy using corroborated tactics that will help in their daily lives, the growth of their businesses, personal spending and their families’ health. All Parties are deliberately running scared of a sustainable roads, transport and integrated emissions strategy. The reasons are clear, they don’t have a clue!”

These issues are clearly controversial and will doubtless rile green proponents who clearly see the need for drastic changes in behaviour to cut emissions, particularly in many urban areas where all surely agree that the levels of pollution are simply unacceptable. The lure of cheaper fuel however, plus the common perception that some companies are profiteering from the fluctuating prices at the pumps, will elicit some sympathy from voters.

The complete FairFuel UK manifesto is viewable HERE.