Monday, March 23, 2015

Liebherr Wins Another Australian Terminal Bespoke Container Crane Order

Proximity of Airport Meant Redesign to Cope with Height Restrictions
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND – AUSTRALIA – Liebherr Container Cranes report another successful order for their Killarney factory with the news it is to supply three unique articulated boom, ship to shore container cranes (STS) for delivery to Port Botany, Sydney and a further STS unit for Fisherman’s Island, Brisbane. The height restrictions prevailing at Port Botany, due to its close proximity to Sydney airport meant that first the design needed a thorough testing.

This was achieved at the Irish plant where a special test bed enabled the complete articulated boom and main beam of one of the cranes to be assembled and subsequently successfully tested. Liebherr had obtained the contract by way of the company’s proven ability in designing and delivering just such innovative projects. The new cranes are destined for facilities run by Patrick Terminals and will join five existing mobile harbour cranes already in operation at that companies terminals in Australia.

In addition to the innovative articulated booms, the cranes feature an integrated pinning platform and electronic anti-sway to allow for automatic and semi-automatic operation of the load cycle. The finished cranes will have an outreach of 57 metres, a lifting height over rail 44.5 metres, a span of 35 metres and a back reach 25.7 metres.

The crane for Fisherman’s Island in Brisbane has a safe working load of 65 tonnes under twin lift spreader, an outreach of 50 metres, a span of 25.3 metres, a back reach of 18 metres and a lift height over rail of 37.5 metres. All four cranes feature automation of both the land and seaside portion of the cycle and are provided with the hardware and infrastructure to allow for eventual full automation / remote control.

Since returning to the country in force 2012 after a lengthy absence from the market Liebherr has proved a popular brand in Australia, just last month we reported the delivery of two ship to shore Post Panamax cranes to Adelaide and, referring to this latest order Liebherr Container Cranes Sales and Marketing Manager Mr Gerry Bunyan commented:

“The cranes for both Port Botany and Fisherman’s Island use cutting-edge technology featuring numerous developments and innovations. Our automation and development engineers have worked hand in hand with engineers from Patricks Stevedores to ensure that the cranes will integrate seamlessly into the existing automated environment.

“This tradition of innovation and the quality of Liebherr cranes and our ability to successfully carry out high profile and innovative projects makes us the first port of call for port operators requiring solutions that meet their needs.”