Monday, September 10, 2012

Lawyers Can Help or Hinder Truckers Involved in Bike Accidents

Only a Matter of Time Before New York App Hits the UK
Shipping News Feature

US – One of the things which contemporary American culture has ‘gifted’ to the UK and other countries in the past few years is what is known in the vernacular as the ‘Claim Culture’ which has seen insurance and Court cases for such outlandish appeals for compensation as the various ‘Fast Food Made Me Fat’ farces. Now Truckers particularly beware, the latest US import may soon be a mobile phone app to aid cyclists involved in road traffic accidents.

The New York law firm Flanzig and Flanzig, self styled ‘Bike Lawyers’ has produced a Bike Crash Kit for the iPhone or Android to aid cyclists who suffer an accident which not only pinpoints the site of the incident using GPS technology but will advise the locations of hospitals, cycle repair shops etc. as well as recording witness statements, store relevant photographs, calling the authorities and naturally ringing your favourite lawyers. It can be only a matter of time before what is quite a common sense idea makes its way to the UK.

Assuming you aren’t laying beneath the wreckage of your bike together with your cell phone the app puts the cyclist one step ahead by simply ensuring he or she goes through the best procedures to follow at a time when the rider is likely to be too shaken to think clearly. In actual fact drivers may welcome the evidence recorded at the scene by insisting on a copy of all the details as it could prove equally potent at proving the ineptitude of the rider as well as the incompetence of the motorist.