Friday, March 5, 2010

Kuehne To Found Dedicated Logistics University

Freight Moguls Foundation To Provide Specialist Education
Shipping News Feature

HAMBURG - GERMANY - The Kuehne School of Logistics and Management GmbH, whose sole shareholder is the non-profit Kuehne Foundation, has announced that it is to found a private independent university dedicated to providing specialist education to those in or entering the logistics field.

The Kuehne Logistics University (KLU) will over the next five years develop two international non-consecutive Master’s Programmes, a Bachelor’s Programme, and a continuing education programme whilst also cooperating with other Hamburg universities own logistics-based syllabuses.

In a statement the Kuehne Foundation said that: “The profile of the KLU will be completed with a PhD fellowship programme as well as international and interdisciplinary research. The central theme of the KLU is Business Management with a particular focus on “Logistics”, in its economic, technological and international aspects. It is thus intended to serve as exemplary education for qualified management and leadership in complex circumstances.”

Though it does not currently have a building to begin teaching, with several under review in Hamburg, the KLU plans to launch its teaching activities in October 2010 with an MSc programme in “Global Logistics”.

Speaking of the creation of the new University renowned freight and logistics magnate Klaus-Michael Kuehne, the sole donor of the Foundation and founder of logistics group Kuehne + Nagel, said: “The Kuehne-Foundation wants to increase the attractiveness of the globally active industry of Logistics as an academic subject and as a field of research, and also to help strengthen the standing of the academic stronghold of Hamburg against international competition”.