Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kelvin Hughes Updates Digital Chart Compatibility For Shipping

Reminds That Out of Date Charts Cause Accidents
Shipping News Feature

UK – A report by the London P&I Club, one of the world’s leading Protection and Indemnity Associations, which concludes that a major cause of maritime incidents is the use of out-of-date charts, has caused one of the leading suppliers of navigational data to reiterate the value to be had in using their services.

"It is not surprising that out-of-date navigational charts are a significant contributory factor in maritime incidents," says Nigel Mellors, Area Salesman and ex-navigator with Kelvin Hughes.

"Although the vast majority of ships do carry the correct charts, we do sometimes get requests for a new or updated set of charts after a ship has already sailed into the area concerned," he added.

Though Kelvin Hughes are renowned in the marine field for their radar and communications equipment, they also have for decades offered update services to ships charts.

"Using our Outfit Management Service (OMS) means that the crew does not have to remember to ask for up-to-date charts because they are sent automatically, and because they are sent regularly, a culture is developed on the bridge of continually implementing the updates," says Mr. Mellors.

Through this programme, which it has operated for 50 years, Kelvin Hughes monitors new editions and updates of the charts and publications carried by each ship and automatically supplies these on a regular basis to the each vessel - keeping the outfit up-to-date and legal.

The company also offers an electronic equivalent, ChartCo, which delivers digital corrections to be compatible with the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS).

Steve Mariner, ChartCo’s Manager said: "We have watched the launch of AVCS and the subsequent growth of subscribers with great interest. In the last few months it has become very apparent from our customer base that an update service through ChartCo was urgently required.

"The growing interest in electronic charts means that all vessels must consider how to implement a suitable policy that addresses both electronic and paper products for the bridge. With the launch of a service for AVCS users, ChartCo is again at the forefront in supplying update services to satisfy the most demanding of ship owners."

(pic: © Kelvin Hughes)