Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kelvin Hughes Free Upgrade For Shipping Charts Management Service

Vessel Owners Can Ensure Navigational Data is Updated
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Shipping groups concerned that their vessels always have correct navigational data aboard can take advantage of a new addition to the range of electronic products from Kelvin Hughes Charts, the largest supplier of paper charts and publications into the maritime industry.

The company has now launched a new customer portal website for all those subscribing to its Outfit Management Service (OMS). OMS is a free service that ensures the burden of managing a ship's charts and publications holdings is removed from busy owners and placed with Kelvin Hughes which has years of experience in managing paper and electronic navigational data for ships at sea. With this service, the vessel stays compliant, safe and up to date, while the ship operator only gets invoiced for what the ship actually needs and no more. New Editions and trading pattern changes are dealt with automatically. The service includes electronic charts, enabling Kelvin Hughes to advise on all aspects of migration from paper to electronic navigation.

The new site will offer more access to the ships' holdings than ever before and will continue to be provided free of charge as part of OMS. For the first time users will be able to:

*Search for products across multiple vessels – A very useful tool for working out which vessels have which products on board

*Generate live PDF – Any of the data views can be converted to a downloadable PDF and emailed wherever the user wishes

*Generate online correction Logs – Users will be able to generate a log of all the correction for a chart for any given time period online

*Access support web chat – Those receiving the service will be able to contact a Kelvin Hughes service representative 24hrs a day.

In addition the site will allow ship operators to view all invoices and delivery notes, with access to this information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Terry King, Global Operations Manager said:

“Kelvin Hughes was first to market with the original Outfit Management Service, and through this website launch we are continuing our innovative trend. In these days with the web being such a central part of business this portal will become quickly adopted as part of everyday life for our customers. We are very pleased to be able to provide this level of information and control to those that require it. Our existing customers will benefit immediately from the enhancement”

Ship owners and ships personnel interested in trying out the service should email: