Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jordan Iraq Border Opening Means Road Freight Corridor Able to Relieve Local Pressure on Logistics

Import and Export Freight Badly Hit Since 2015 Closure Over ISIS Intervention
Shipping News Feature
JORDAN – IRAQ – The border between the two countries, known in Jordan as Karameh and in Iraq as Trebil, has now reopened to road freight, a great relief to the local economies having been closed since 2015 now that ISIS forces, which controlled the vital route between Amman and Baghdad, have been displaced. The closure had a debilitating effect, particularly on energy poor Jordan, which saw its export traffic drop by two thirds as a result of the closure.

A large part of the traffic from Iraq was the 10,000 or so barrels of oil brought in daily by road tankers which the militants were ‘taxing’, giving them a vital source of revenue, hence the closure. With neighbouring Syria in the throes of various military conflicts, Dubai headquartered Move One, a logistics group specialising in transport in the troubled Middle Eastern regions, says the new move means there is now once again a safe, direct 550 kilometre highway from the border directly to Baghdad.

Move One, along with its competitors, has had to find alternative, longer and more challenging routes, mostly through Saudi Arabia, whilst the highway has been closed, and Jordanian exports to Iraq, its main market were devastated whilst cargo passing through the port of Aqaba, the gateway for imports and exports from Europe, suffered greatly without the essential trade corridor being open.

Our picture shows two Move One executives, Gregory Forgrave, Product Manager, Government Services, and Ayman Ibrahim, Jordan Country Manager, heading to inspect the reopened borders in Jordan.